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Day 61: The Last Things, vol. 2

Here we are again, at the last things. Not really in terms of our lifestyle, but of me writing about this every single night.

I also know that some nights I didn’t write on accident – – my bad – – but the intention was to write about every day of the first two months of our lifestyle change. I pretty much did that, which means that this is the last post.

It’s so funny to read the first couple posts of this blog. I was so positive that I was going to hate every freaking second of this change and go back to where I was two months later. Now, not even close.

I lost 15 pounds, and I’m back doing yoga. No chance of going back.

Thank you to my family who has done this with me, and thank you followers for all of the likes, comments, and support over the past two months. You made this worthwhile.

One more thing: cashews are awesome.

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Day 60: We Pretty Much Did It

Holy cow, people, we actually changed our diets, our lifestyle, our attitudes–and lost a little bit (a lot) of weight along the way.  I think I can fairly say that we are the shit.  We rock at this thing.

Think about it though: in these sixty days, we had our hard days, where it would be easy to soothe our wounds with junk food or our most favorite fast food place.  It would be satisfying in the moment, but detrimental in the long run.  We pretty much would have to start over, because it’s not so much about the food, but the mindset we grew up with surrounding food.

Sure, when we went out to eat on a hard night, we could’ve just made it easier on the waiter and ourselves to order a burger straight up and try to justify whatever lame excuse we’d come up with.  We could’ve bought some boxed crackers that had way too much sodium to help us cope.

We didn’t fall into that trap.  I did mention that there was a cupcake one time, and my parents had tiny slices of cake this week, but we didn’t resort to these types of foods because they were easier or just “right there.”  If there is anything I have learned doing this, it’s that convenience is no fucking excuse for me.  Before, I was just lazy.  I was the type of person who instead of preparing an apple would just choose not to eat it and go with something packaged.  That’s bullshit. If 2-3 minutes, more likely less, is all it takes to prepare a veggie or fruit for a snack that will add years to your life, why wouldn’t you do that?

Tomorrow is the final showdown–the weigh in to end all weigh ins for us.  This is just a tangible number for us to hold onto after this is over, but really, this isn’t the end.

It’s just beginning.

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Day 59: Keep Going…

I think tonight will be a much harder post to write, as it is just over 10:30pm right now and I just read an article about how bad it was to not sleep, and I really want sleep.  So this may be brief, summarized, and unsatisfying, but it will help my sanity.

I don’t think today was a good day of eating.  It’s not that I overate in general–I didn’t binge on a bag of chips, which is what the old “us” would’ve done.  I ended up having a lot of coffee, cashews and cheese.  Tastes good, but doesn’t provide too many nutrients.  I also didn’t get around to having a big lunch either, I believe.

See, this is a sign I need more sleep.  I can’t even remember if I had lunch or not.

That’s why I splurged today and let myself have two pieces of bread to make a sandwich.  I love using Dave’s Killer Bread super seedy bread (in the green bag), because it has all those grains and good stuff, and also 5 grams of protein in a slice.  So all the healthy protein I should’ve gotten today came from the bread for my BLT.  Well, I suppose the bacon, lettuce and tomato were there, but I think I can do better.

Tomorrow is a salad day for lunch.  It just has to be.

I also need a good lunch box bag thing I can bring to work.  A lot of good food needs to be kept cold, and I don’t have anything for that.  I guess that’s the next grown up step I really need to take.

First, sleep.

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Day 58: Oh Shit Guys, We’re So Close. Also Yoga and Cake.

It feels like “The Final Countdown” should be playing in the background, but I really really like the silence right now.  So much so that I have even stopped typing for a bit just to rest my hands and ears.  Ahhh…

So today I definitely earned my shower after yoga.  I was dripping during class.  It’s not a bad thing though–my body’s protecting me from dying, so it’s OK.

This was mainly due to having to be up front, even though I had my head down and turned away from the instructor–the universal sign for “please don’t pick me.”  She still picked me anyway.  By the end, however, I realized that being up front actually amps up my game, to which a different instructor agreed.  We both found that being in the back of the room may result in laziness or “phoning it in.”  Lazy is what I was before, and I was also unhealthy, so I guess I need to do the opposite.

Front of the room I guess.

Not for vinyasa though.  Hell no.  I do not want my struggling self to be the center of attention there, no thank you.  I’ll just be in the back, slightly dying in each chaturanga, wondering what wrong turns I made in life to end up in vinyasa.

Anyway . . .

Taco salad for dinner again.  It’s a repeat, but a delicious one.  A salad with all of the Mexican food dressings?  By the time I get my food set up, it’s spilling over the bowl it’s so full.  And awesome.

So my parents apparently had cake.

Just a few days before this 2-month trial ends.

They had cake without me.  Because I had to work.

I know, I get paid, but CAKE.  Fluffy, mousse-filled cake.  😦

Sigh, I’m gonna check on my dogs instead and then go to bed to drown in my cakeless sorrow.

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Day 57: I’ll Be Over Here, Gnawing On This PearRock Thing

I don’t know if you know this already, but cashews are the best.  Have I told you that?  Yes, but this is a fact that bears repeating due to its importance.

Even my grumpy morning self couldn’t help but feel excited upon realizing that Costco size fancy cashews made their way into the cupboard.  ♫ YAASSS ♫. Now I won’t feel like I am slightly dying in the anatomy class tomorrow.

Classes like the ones I have to work tomorrow really do make it hard to plan out yummy, healthy foods.  I really need to get a lunchbox, even to just keep in my car until I eat.  At least it will keep cold food cold until I can nom on it.

Now that we are eating healthier, I kind of wish the fruit wouldn’t go as fast.  It’s like you have a handful of raspberries and boom–gone until the next shopping trip.  Seriously?  I guess I have to eat this pear that has the ripeness of a rock, because I am really hungry and I want some vitamin C.

I should mention that I succeeded in not being lazy, which is a start.  I had a longer break today, and instead of going home or driving to coffee, I walked for it.  It felt good, even in the briskness of October.  That’s what fuzzy North Face jackets are for.

OK, I have really tried to come up with as many topics as I can, but it’s getting late and I really need to get sleep.  My busy day is tomorrow.  Don’t worry, it’s not you–it’s me.

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Day 56: The Beginning of the End–Which is Actually a Beginning?

My eyes just glanced over to the calendar, and I realized that we are down to the last week of this two months healthy trial!  Whoa, guys, this went by kinda fast.  Wasn’t just a few weeks ago that I was moaning about wanting pasta?  Damn.

Some of you have actually read this blog from its start to now.  My congrats to you.  We have been through a lot of shit together, and I thank you for giving words of encouragement when I wanted to do nothing except drop dead.  So again, thank you.

Since the first time I weighed myself these past two months, I have lost a total of 16 pounds so far.  16 in two months.


I know I did this meme already, but it warranted a repeat.  Again, please ignore the green thing in the corner.  What is that anyway?

Where do you think I will be at the end of week?  18 pounds lost?  19?  20?  

No matter what, I will at least be healthier than I was before.  No longer will a bag of Parmesan Goldfish crackers be an acceptable daytime snack.  No longer will I throw away fruit because it goes to waste, because that is my daytime snack from now on.  No longer will I spend entire winters on the couch–instead, I will get up and get active.  No more will I drink white chocolate mochas daily, even with sugar free syrups (because nasty).

No longer will I be where I was before September 1st, 2014.  However much I weigh or what I eat, I can’t go back to that place ever again.

I am grinning right now because “Never Going Back Again” is now playing in the background.  Extremely appropriate.  🙂

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Day 53-55: I Feel Like an Asshole–But a Healthy One

What did I tell you guys I would do?  What did I tell you?  I said I would try to get you at least one post a day, and now I have missed TWO DAYS IN A ROW.  What the hell?

Well, I’m here now, so I’d better give you the rundown of the past three days:

So there was a conference for disability support professionals the last three days this week, and on Wednesday I had to work it.  I think I told you about that–that was where I had to partake in an open-faced sandwich and a runaway potato chip.  Yeah, you know about that, I think.**

Thursday through today have been basically yoga catch up days, since I had to miss both Tuesday and Wednesday due to overtime work needs.  Plus, my eating wasn’t particularly fantastic during the conference–I ate crab cakes and noodles–so yet again I needed to flush that stuff out of my system.

However, this has led me to be pretty tired by the end of the day.  Tomorrow will be so nice; I will get to sleep in much longer than usual, and it will be yin yoga day–nice and chill workout to calm everything down before the hectic work week starts again.

I feel like you guys deserve a more coherent, but late post than a half-assed post every single day.  So no regrets on my end, but it did seem like I was on a roll and then I went kaput.  But, pretty soon this two-month trial will be over, and so will this specific blog.

So close to the finish line–let’s do this.

**If you don’t know this story, this is in “Day 52: We Didn’t Have a Choice.”